Amerisoft-Water, Mobile Water Softeners.

Auto - Marine - RV A stack of Amerisoft-Water Mobile Water Softeners.

Amerisoft-Water Mobile Water Softeners are considered required equipment by many Boat and RV owners for on demand soft water. The water softener comes in three sizes, is reusable and is designed to provide years of soft water... Simply, attach the softener to the water inlet hose to enjoy immediate soft water.

You are also likely to find a water softener in a motorcycle saddle back headed to Sturgis, attached to a portable pressure washer, mobile food stand, portable window washer, mobile carpet cleaning service or to clean the golf cart.

At last, RV and Marine owners can experience the same benefits of soft water they have at home, on the road or on the water. That’s because the mobile softener is easy to use, inexpensive (just $99 to $289) and easy to install. Other benefits:

  • Hot Water Heaters, Ice Makers, Water Pumps and Wash Down Systems will last up to 30 percent longer and operate more efficiently.
  • Soft Water helps the Water Filter and Reverse Osmosis Membranes (many of which are disposable) last longer and work better.
  • Better tasting water, whether it’s drinking water from the tap, or water used to brew your favorite coffee. (We think it leads to reduce coffee runs to high-priced java joints, too.) You will see and feel the difference of Soft Water with clear ice and faster exterior cleaning.
  • Because the softener conditions the water, you’ll get fewer-if any water spots. Clothes last longer when washed in soft water. Shampoo lathers and cleans better.
  • Reduced soap scum and residence, means less time cleaning and more time playing.

Why Soft WaterAmerisoft-Water Mobile Water Softeners, marine application.

  • Minimizes Spots caused by hard water
  • Protects your laminated windows and gel coat from etching damage
  • Extends the life and saves repair costs to your ice maker, water heater and faucet spray heads
  • Uses less soap and takes less time to clean
  • Clothes last longer when washed with soft water

Why Amerisoft-Water

  • Reliability and Simplicity It’s easy to use, providing years of service
  • Size and Weight Overall our products are the smallest and lightest weight.
  • Unprecedented Guarantee “30 Day Try It Out Guarantee”
  • Patented High Flow Means minimal water pressure drop.
  • Price – Value Amerisoft-Water products offer the overall lowest price / best value
  • Primary Business Mobile Water Solutions are our only products and you are our only customers. You can expect and will get an outstanding product with outstanding customer service backed by an outstanding warrantee.

    “I love my mobile water softener…. The shower is easier to clean. And my hair feels cleaner and takes less time” Marsha IL

    “I used the mobile water softener on my black motorcycle and my wife commented that she thought I waxed it” Dr. A FL

    “I’m sold with the Amerisoft-Water Softener. You can definitely tell the difference when washing the boat, as it takes less time and less soap” Judy IL

    “I bought Amerisoft-Water Weekender at the Show and called back for the larger size, so I would have one for the garage and one for the Boat” Jim KYAmerisoft-Water Mobile Water Softeners, less time, more shine.


“We purchased our Amerisoft-Water Softener at the Tampa SuperRV show and saw you at the Louisville Houseboat Show. The product worked exactly as you described…(easy to use). Dennis MI

“While traveling through the midwest, we stopped at a RV Park with cloudy water. We noticed immediately how clear our ice was after using the Amerisoft-Water Softener” Patti FL

“Thanks for designing a simple product that works! My Coach is loaded with computer everything; much of which I have to read the manual each time I use it. Not many companies offer a 30 day buy back guarantee. Stay the course” Jim GA

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